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About Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a highly specialist form of cleaning for your carpet. Whether you need stains removing from your living room carpet or soil marks removing from the office carpet, a professional steam cleaner can have your carpet looking like new again within a few hours.

The steam cleaning process generally involves applying a solution to the dirty carpet, which is allowed to soak in for about 15 minutes. This spray breaks up the grime, grit and dirt in the carpet, even in stain resistant carpet, to make it easier to clean.

Once the solution has been given time to do its job, the cleaner will use a special steamer to remove the solution, along with the dirt and stains. The carpet is then ‘raked’, which lifts each individual tuft of carpet and makes it look fresh and new.

Before walking on the carpet again, you should allow four to six hours for the carpet to dry completely, although some newer steam cleaners can complete the job in one to two hours. Steam cleaning is great for carpets that have a lot of wear and tear, such as office carpets and lounge or hallway carpets, and the process should be done annually if possible.

Whether you need a domestic cleaner or a commercial cleaner, you can find professional steam cleaners across the UK using our listings section.